In Cornerstone DC, you will gain substantive real-world skills, expand your network, and acquire valuable experience that gives you an edge to compete in the job market.

DC is Your Classroom

In Cornerstone DC,you will gain professional skills while discovering what DC organizations have to offer. In addition, you will expand your network and acquire valuable experience that gives youan edge to compete in the job market.

With the diverse range of opportunities in government, non-profit organizations, and businesses here in DC, you canfind an organization in your field of interest. Gaining this experience as a first-year student will help you better determine a course of study, leading to your future career.

Benefits of Cornerstone DC

  • AU Cornerstone is the only program for AU freshmen that provides multiple staff members that provide wrap around support to help students apply for and secureinternships. You will be guided by the mentorship of experienced AU staff and professors.
  • You will earn credit toward your AU degree and satisfy AU Core and major required courses while exploring your field of interest through your internship experience.

  • You will enjoy the University College LLC and Cornerstone only events, designed to help you navigate DC and your overall college experience at AU.

  • Through our partnership with University College (UC), students willjoin AU's largest living-learning community.

Cornerstone D.C. Webinar Recording:

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AU Cornerstone D.C. Internship Program


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